about 5 years ago

Announcing the winners

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of Extreme Android Challenge 2014.

View all the winners in the Gallery.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the challenge a great success!

The Extreme Android Challenge 2014 team

about 5 years ago

It's D day! Submissions instructions

This is a friendly reminder that today is May 20th, 2014 - Extreme Reality’s Extreme Android Challenge – SUBMISSION DAY!

Please submit

  • Game name
  • APK file
  • Game/Gameplay description
  • Game screenshots
  • YouTube video link

You can submit via any cloud based storage service (such as Dropbox) and share with us on challenge@xtr3d.com


Hope you enjoyed your Extreme Motion Android Challenge experience.

In the next few days our panel of judges will receive the games with assets and will decide on the winners,

Results will be announced by May 30th,

Good luck to you and may the best game win!

about 5 years ago

Can you update us on your challenge status?

With Extreme Android challenge deadline just around the corner it will be great to get your feedback on your challenge status
Help us prepare with this short survey (very simple - two questions) 



about 5 years ago

Hi Extreme Challengers!

Hi all Extreme Challengers!

Challenge deadline is approaching and we're so excited to see what you've created. If you'd like to submit your game app for initial review please don't think twice! Our team is always happy to help; you can approach us by email at support@xtr3d.com or in discussions. As you may know there are lots of tricks and tips to get things done, and we'll be happy to share.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



about 5 years ago

Welcome to Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion Android Challenge 2014

Welcome to Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion Android Challenge 2014

Let the GAMES Begin!

Thank you for registering.

You can now download Extreme Motion Android SDK here. Please note: submissions will be accepted till May 20th, 2014

The SDK includes documentations, samples and other tools to help you launch your project.

It's really easy to implement motion gestures in a game - we are introducing a new tool called SuperPose:  a software tool that enables quick and easy definition of human poses and gestures for motion integration in games and apps.

Our support team is available to assist you support

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