The Extreme Android Challenge 2014 is a contest run by Extreme Reality for game developers to promote motion controlled games for Android devices. The contest is open to game developers that wish to “motionize” their existing or new Android games.


The Challenge is open to all developers, from beginner to expert.

You can enter as an individual developer or as a group of developers, just don’t forget to mention the number of developers in the application form.


Contestants must create a working game application that utilizes the Extreme Motion Android SDK. 

A submitted Application must run on any Android version 4.0 and above,

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$11,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

Honorable Prize (3)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

If you have an existing game/app or an idea for a new game/app that fits the qualifications, apply online  and enter your general idea for the game/app.

Once you’ve submitted your idea to the Extreme Reality team we will contact you within 48 hours. You will receive a notificaton on March 19th to download Extreme Motion Android SDK which includes documentation, samples, and UI tips to get you started with motion control ideas along with a few cool Extreme Reality gifts. Whether you are enhancing your existing game with motion control or creating a new game for Android devices you will have until May 20th to develop and submit your game to both Extreme Reality. 


Trip Hawkins

Trip Hawkins
Founder of EA and Digital Chocolate

Roy Geva Glasberg

Roy Geva Glasberg
Europe Programs lead, Developer Relations @ Google

Robert Zhang

Robert Zhang
CEO, Xiaocong Networks

Judging Criteria

  • Motionization
    Taking advantage of the Extreme Motion technology to enhance the game experience.
  • Gameplay
    he storyline and mechanics that underpin the game. Is it fun to play?
  • Usability
    Is it easy to use with minimal explanations? Is it intuitive?
  • Polish
    Is the game ready for prime time?
  • Graphics and Audio
    The level of visuals and audio in the game
  • Stickiness
    Does it have lasting appeal? Is it addictive? Would you finish the game? Would you play it again?

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